The following articles and photos have been published in this edition:

Article: "Cut the bnp's lifeline" by MediaActivist
Article: "Object, object to Lads’ Mags/Newspapers – Part 2 Teen Mags to Lads’ Mags" by JaneWatkinson
Article: "My ode to the corporation" by Laura
Article: "Prawns don't need Specsavers" by Joe Woodhouse
Article: "Worried about climate change? Dont worry just get the survival ball" by abrown
Article: “Arty Wow Moment” Angels of Anarchy exhibition in Manchester by GillMPhoto
Article: "I'm fine. (Updated: No, I'm not.)" by thebloggess
Article: I Love Breakfast by mrshev
Article: MasterChef Live 2009- the review by foodiemumontheroad
Article: "Arsene Wenger- Saviour of English football?" by samjackson
Article: "Adam Resurrected" by KrystalSim
Article: "Harry Brown Film Review ****" by James Fisher
Article: Amazon’s Kindle: A case for accessible design by kdhiltz
Article: Hoggin' by bastardlife
Article: Official: Robert Pattinson Smells Like A Binbag Full Of Dirty Nappies by hecklerspray
Article: Music and the Machine: Who or What is Recommending Music? by JemyPerds

Photos: "Supervision" by will challis - Photo Credits: KERSTIN ZU PAN
Photos: Jim by hannas 4 - Photo Credits:
Photos: "Organic Fabrication Table" by ryan mullen - Photo Credits: Nic Rysenbry
Photos: "Monica Cook" by toaster - Photo Credits: Monica Cook
Photos: Pieter Hugo's Nollywood by beth francis - Photo Credits: Pieter Hugo
Photos: "We could be Heroes" by maxmilford - Photo Credits: DisorderMagazine

Note by the_past2 : Grace
Note by mona f: The EC-f Series
Note by Cam Phillip Nikki Gilings's Hats


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