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Once you register you will be able to customize your profile. Please do not add personal information! To post content navigate to the upper menu beside the search box or below your profile.


Here are some short instructions on how to post content. Please post content responsibly in consideration of copyrights and personal privacy.

Members of theblogpaper may upload articles. Articles can be assigned to categories and can be uploaded with an image relating to the content. This image will also be shown in an "article teaser". Rating and commenting are vital to the promotion of articles to the "front pages" of the categories, as well as to the printed version of theblogpaper. The community defines (via rating) what sort of content is worth spreading.
Comments/opinions on articles are a vital part of the news-making process because creating a discussion around a subject broadens one's view about it. Therefore comments will be included in the printed newspaper. That means it's worth commenting a little more than just: "Lol i think this sucks lol!"

Notes are the second, equally important type of content. Users are able to upload an image or screenshot of something they think is worth sharing with the rest of the community. If a note and therefore the content that the link refers to receives high ratings, we will contact the person responsible for the content and arrange publication.

“Photostories” give users the chance to upload up to 10 images (relating to the same context, e.g. photos of an event, etc.), as well as to write short descriptions about every individual image.
“Photostories” can be rated as well as discussed (in the same manner as articles).

On copyrights issues see Terms and Conditions.

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