1. What is theblogpaper?

Our goal is to create a community which has complete control over every part of publishing a newspaper (e.g. writing, rating, editing). The publication will be a compilation of what the community filtered or found accurate (via rating and commenting), and therefore declared worth sharing with others. Theblogpaper publishes a monthly “best of” what got published online.
You have to be aware that by participating you fully agree to the Terms of Service of this community as well as the Privacy Policy.

2. How does theblogpaper work?/ Who creates content?

Registered Users of theblogpaper are able to upload content (Articles, Notes and Photos). The community rates and discusses the content. Promotion to print depends on how well your content is rated and discussed. The advantage of having many writers in one community is that it makes the content diverse and broadens the range of opinions.

3. Who decides what will be promoted to category frontpages and the paper?

You decide. The community is responsible for the content which is promoted to the paper. Every new Article can be found in the “latest articles” section. Users are able to filter the articles by category.

4. The paper?

The newspaper consists entirely of user submitted content. The purpose of the paper is to give a monthly overview of the most important content submitted by the community, and therefore to reflect the community's general perception of “valuable” content.

5. Articles VS. Notes ?

A “Note” is a visual reference / link to an existing (preferably interesting) piece of content. We will contact the owner of the content and ask their permission to publish if it receives good ratings.

6. What about comments?

Comments are an essential way to broaden someone’s opinion about a certain subject.
Comments therefore not only play a significant part within the online community but are being promoted to print as well! The main idea behind promoting comments to the paper is to encourage the community to engage into a constructive discussion around a certain subject /piece of content.

7. What about Copyright ?

Generally speaking you will have to own copyright to any content (except notes) you upload to theblogpaper.co.uk network. By uploading you give us permission to print your content (article, photos, comments, etc.) in the printed (and .pdf) version of theblogpaper.co.uk. If one of your posts (articles, etc.) is promoted to print, we will contact you prior to the publication in case you would like to publish additional info (see next question).

8. So, let's say the community likes my article and it is being promoted to print. What exactly will you post?

The written content and additional visuals have absolute priority. But we will also publish your name, the URL of your blog and rating results (i.e. how well your article has been received by the community). If your article has caused a debate, meaning lots of other community members commented on your article, we will also publish the comments which the community rated as valuable.

9. Ok, I still have a question!

If you have any other questions please contact us at feedback(at)theblogpaper(dot)co(dot)uk

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