The following articles and photos have been published in this edition:

Article: Bored of Banksy by run paint run run
Article: "The Museum of Everything" by followtheyellow
Article: Scotland and Independence by Keithruffles
Article: Tell us another one... by matthew moggridge
Article: The 10 Most Influential Guitarists Ever! bylickthatriff
Article: Porn- It's All A Bit Wank Really. by Dan
Article: The Age of Distrust by thomasbobs
Article: Review: Burlesque Undressed by SophiaMM.
Article: Review: Food Inc by movieoverdose
Article: Why Sex & The City 2 Will Suck by bangsandabun
Article: The smartest climate change idea ever? by
Article: Jimmy Wales Interview by theeuropean
Article: Spain, the last bastion of resistance in the network by santibenitez
Article: Angel of the Public Interest byMediaActivist

Photos: Re:Treat by benjaminc - Photo Credits: Una Burke
Photos: Kasia Bishop - Amid lustrous colour by Kasia Bishop - Photo Credits: Siobhan Canavan
Photos: Kate Mac Dowell by toaster
Photos: An Elderly, Chris, Self Portrait adn Desolation by monaf - Photo Credits: Avatar Sculptures
Photos: Reflexible Landscapes by Bruce Thompson - Photo Credits: Bruce Thompson
Photos: Bird by dasdesgin - Photo Credits: Andrew Zuckerman
Photos: Massow Concept Cycles by Massow Hemmes
Photos: The Bergmönch - Photo Credits: bergmoench
Photos: Wardance: Boxers and Cage Fighters in the UK by willchallis - Photo Credits: Max Colson
Photos: Moments of a Noman by KJS - Photo Credits: Cole Barash


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Well this is exciting. I only discovered this site a week ago and there I am! Published! I've sent my Londoner sister out on the hunt to find one.


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Hi Guys,The Blog Paper is the first user generated (or crowed sourced) print and online newspaper in the UK. Everybody can join, post their content and determine through voting and commenting what will be promoted into the next issue. Please take a look at it, your critical feedback is always appreciated

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WOOOOOOOP Page 12 and 13! Get in!