The Mosquito

German Designers Tom Mudra and Hans-Tobias Schicktanz designed a new way to get around within the city – the Mosquito.

“Our aim was to create a lightweight and attractive E- Bike suitable for urban places. The motor is powered by lithium batteries which cost about 50p to charge. The Mosquito has got a range of about 60 km (37 miles) with a maximum Speed of 50 km/h (31 miles)”

The ergonomics of the design make it rather easy to get on the bike due to a removable center pole - (Very nice feature!). This however will have no effect on the bikes statics and handling.

Different materials can be used for the frame cover which incorporates batteries and motor e.g. carbon fiber, wood and plastic. Most parts used in the mosquito are available at conventional bike stores, which makes it easy to maintain as well as keeping repairing costs at a minimum.

Enough said, have a look at the visuals…..

Design by TOTO
Image copyright Tom Mudra and Hans-Tobias Schicktanz
For further details please contact us at totodesign(at)gmx(dot)de

these photos were published in theblogpaper sneak preview

Published on the 25th of September 2009, around 4.000 copies have been printed and distributed throughout London


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