Frank Chair shows at Milano Design Week '13

This week, from 9 to 14 April, you have the chance to try Frank, the chair made out of cardboard.

The d/storto group presents Frank Chair to the international design week audience.

If you want to know how to transform cardboard and how to make a piece of sustainable design out of it, you are invited to the cocktail party on Friday 12. The event is hosted at “Cheveux du Monde”, close to Sant’Ambrogio metro stop, one of the most visited area of Fuorisalone.

D/storto is a collective group of four young Sicilian designers who decided to use resources belonging to the Sicilian territory, where the link between design and its production is still very weak.

Frank Chair is a folding chair made out of cardboard whose name refers to Frankestein’s character. The cardboard, a usually discarded material, now takes on new shapes and ways of usage.

The cocktail party starts at 7.30 pm on Fri 12 April, at Cheveux du Monde, via G. Carducci 38, Milan

Entrance Free

For further information please check the event at:

Or visit Frank website:


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