P.I.S.S - Personal Irrigation Sanitation System.

Have you ever had the problem of waking up after you hosted a garden party, you step out in the garden and everthings soaked in piss? Well i think we all had this problem before but designer Samuel Patience just released "P.I.S.S - Personal Irrigation Sanitation System" to tackle this "issue".

Samuel Patience:
"The concept derives from the drinking culture of modern society, and the urination that comes with such intoxicated states. Narratives provided a flow of products which helped illustrate ideas for ways in which to appropriate outdoor urination. These ideas used found objects which were either used directly or casts were taken from them. The found objects had a visual language which explained how each product should be used. In conjunction with the ericaceous plants and soil the urine could be disposed of efficiently without being a nuisance."

For more info contact Samuel Patience under the following address: patiencedesigns(at)hotmail.co.uk


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