How To Remove The Icon Names From Your iPhone Apps

This tutorial will show you how to remove app names/icon names from your apps on a jailbroken iPhone 4

I don’t know about you but I like to to keep my iPhone’s home screen looking neat and tidy and having the names written under the apps on my phone just looks a bit messy.

Lets face it, if you use your phone, and the apps on your phone a lot, then you should really know what the apps are called right?

Well this little tweak will make your iPhone look more tidy and crisper by removing the names of the apps.


Step One

Make sure you have a jailbroken iPhone (you can read my tutorial on how to get an free untethered Jailbreak for your iPhone with the jailbreak software Absinthe).

Step Two

Install Winterboard from Cydia/Telesphoreo (the built in source from Cydia when you jailbreak).

Winterboard allows you to change themes of your iPhone.

Step Three

Install this source in Cydia

Step Four

Search Cydia for “No Icon Names” and install

Step Five

Open Winterboard and select No Icon Names and then Re spring your device.

Voila All your apps look better instantly ;-)

Video Tutorial:
How To Remove The Icon Names From Your Apps

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