Two Different Aspects of Custom Application Development

Clients are very important for a web development company and so they come up with unique offerings to please their clients whose satisfaction will ensure future business growth. Custom application development services were thus devised to please clients by offering exactly what they need in the same manner as they want. Though companies have to walk one step ahead for providing these services they are willing to do so because it will guarantee them better customer relations.

Most of the companies have a predefined process to cater to custom application development requirements of clients. Different companies have different models of providing custom software development services like some might make changes in the existing software so as to make it suitable for clients use, while some might just develop a new software product to suit client requirements. Based on this process followed by companies for custom application development differs.

The process of custom application development remains quite simple in the first case where the web development company makes changes to the existing product because here the product is ready but only few things require change. One thing that remains common in both the approaches is that the real process begins only after assessing client requirements.

In the first case companies already have different ready to use products, these are shown to clients as per their custom application development requirement. If the product fits in as it is then there is nothing to worry about. Developers come into picture only if some changes in the existing product are requested by clients. If that is the case then developers work with them to determine what changes are required in the original product and how they should be implemented. After all the things are agreed upon by both the clients and developers the process to make changes in the product begins.

As mentioned in one of the paragraphs above the first step will remain common in the second case also where custom application development needs to be done afresh. After assessing client requirements project managers discuss the process of development with the clients. Decisions regarding the use of technology, features to be included, milestones, who will work on which aspect of the project etc., are taken here.

Actual work on the custom application development project begins after the contract between the web development company and client is signed and advance payment made. First project milestones are further divided into small tasks to be assigned to developers who are going to work on it. Development thus takes place in small parts which are then integrated to form the complete product for use by the clients.

Testing is an integral part of custom application development process and is taken care of from the beginning itself. Of course test based coding halves the need for testing, still companies’ follow exhaustive testing process to ensure that the custom application developed works exactly as expected. The application is then deployed and installed at client’s side.

Thus custom application development though sounds similar to software development is different from software development because it is all about including client requirements in the application.