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good afternoon, so one of our users (El-bing ) wrote us about the rating system and we think its worth mentioning his point.

El-bing wrote:
“I always hesitate to give someone top marks, like 5 out of 5 or the 'Print this' rating, and I think it's a bit easy to award someone such a high rating... I think it might make things much more interesting and would make readers/users/other writers engage a lot more if you had to 'justify' a 5/5 rating... like; if you wanted to give someone (articles/photos etc) a top rating you would have to accompany that rating with some sort of comment... “

Why not? It sounds like a reasonable idea because by giving someone 5 out of 5 means that you want this article (or photos etc…) to go into print…So if you believe that the content should receive such a high rating, it be great to if you could comment on why this you think this piece of content deserves such a rating…

Thanks for that Chris…


how to participate in 3 steps

We’ve been getting a lot of feedback lately of people asking what they are suppose to do and how they can participate. So lets not get into detail on this one and focus on 3 things you can have to do if you want to publish your blogs/ photos on theblogpaper…

1. Register…

Just log on to, fill in your account details and click “SUBMIT”. You will now receive a confirmation email which proves that you are alive / human and then you are basically set and ready to post away.

2. Post content…

On your profile page as well as on the top right corner of theblogpaper site you find a navigation menu which you can use to post several different types of content. Please be sure that you read the instructions on the right hand site, to avoid any complications…

3. Engage…

It is vital that you engage with the content that others post. Commenting and Rating in other words you promote articles and photos to print.


welcome to theblogpaper-blog

Welcome everyone to theblogpaper-blog. Now i suppose that if you found this blog you probably already know what theblogpaper is all about and what we aim to do. If not here are some link tips that give you a greater idea of what we are all about and how you get involved:

Shot summary: is a news community which allows anyone to publish written and visual work online and in print. Rating and commenting, in other words the community defines what is being promoted to front pages as well as to the newspaper. Our aim is to publish the first user – generated newspaper in London by the end of September 2009. (launch date released soon)

here are some links to bloggers who wrote about us:

How can i get involved, where do i register?

Where can i find out more about theblogpaper?

How and what can i do becoming a member of theblogaper

i hope that is enough to get you started, but we ll keep you updated on developments and news on theblogpaper....
Take it easy. anton


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