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New category "Film" introduced...

So as some of you might already noticed we have updated our categories a little, meaning that we took off “science” and added a “film” category. We have been getting quite a lot of reviews about movies lately and therefore we had to build a separate category for film / movies. On the same occasion we took off Science which is a bit sad, but we simply didn’t get any content over the past months… that does not mean that we wont be reintroducing it at some point, but at the moment there’s simply no one contributing content… If you just thought “oh today is a great day to talk about something that has to do with science..” we hope that the categories environment and technology will do for now…
Take it easy, TBP team…


theblogpaper beta no1 OUT TODAY!

theblogpaper is out NOW. (20th of November)

We will be distributing in the afternoon from 4pm and 8pm here:
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Thanks to all contributors.


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