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theblogpaper pilot 25/09/09

Hello everyone,

So here is an online version of what we have published on Friday. We distributed about 3500 copies in about 3 hours. This is the pilot version of theblogpaper so surely there is room for improvement. We are shortly going to announce more info on where we go from here, who won the ipods, and what is going on next. We are sorry for the delay, but last week has been quite exhausting and we simply took a couple of days of…:) Just have a quick read and tell us what you think on

We are going to open a discussion tonight at 8 (BST) on theblogpaper about the pilot, and you are welcome to tell us what you think about it, where you feel we could improve and what you believe is absolute rubbish….take care and thanks for your support so far.


theblogpaper sneak preview!

First of all thanks for the prolonged interest and support- cheers! It’s fair to say that theblogpaper community generated a vast amount of high quality content. As you probably already know we will distribute the first printed edition (pre-print) of theblogpaper on the 25th of September in various locations in London. In the next couple of days we will announce where and at what time we will be distributing the newspapers. The deadline for submitting your content is on the 21st of September at 9 pm. We will choose between one to four of the most discussed and highest rated items from each category depending on the level of interaction and interest.

Furthermore the content of the newspaper needs to be timeless, i.e. built on opinions of broader topics. As such, we have to exclude articles that are already dated or will go out of date quickly (for e.g.: Ronaldo shot a goal last Friday, or an airplane crashed last month). Please don’t forget to rate and comment on other peoples’ content, interaction is what makes the concept work. On Monday the 28th we will open a discussion about the newspaper where everybody will have the chance to provide us with feedback about the pre-print. It is important for us to involve you guys in the decision making process. I am looking forward to the 25th maybe we will meet some of you guys in person.
One final thing, for all of you not residing in London the printed version will also be available for download as of the 25th.
Cheers (karl jo and anton)

We will distribute theblogpaper from 7:30 till 9:30 am on Kings Cross train station, on Holborn and Farrington tube station as well as on Goodge Street. Then we will distribute from 4 till 7pm next to Bethnal Green tube station, Angel tube station, Old Street Tube station as well as Shoreditch High Street corner Old Street and Bricklane.

Photo requirements:
If your photos / visuals / images have been chosen by the communtiy, we will contact you to request high quality files suitable for print.

Images ideally would have to be at least 200ppi (pixel per inch) and about 2000 pixels in width. Please only submit low compressed .JPG or a .TIF. - Don't worry if you think your image is to small but never re-size the image before sending it in. More info in the mail you'll receive if your photos are being promoted...


3 iPod touch giveaways for best content posted for the first edition of theblogpaper.

Good morning everyone,

Its been quite exciting for the last 2 months, theblogpaper community is growing and we are moving into the right direction. People are starting to talk about the community and we’ve been getting loads of positive feedback as well as great ideas / suggestions on how we could develop the concept. All that is left now is to start printing and get theblogpaper out on the streets of London.

So here it is: We will print the first edition ("pre-print") of theblogpaper on the 25th of September which is the last Friday of September. With the first edition we aim to partly introduce theblogpaper to the people of London as well as create a paper which we can use to show advertisers and community members how the printed version is actually going to look like and how we are planning to do it anyway.

So for this event we would like to give away three 8GB iPod touch for “best article”, “best photos” and “best discussion”.

Please read the following paragraph carefully if you want to enter:

To enter the competition all you have to do is simply register and start posting. People who are already members of the community just continue what you are doing; your content will automatically join the competition. For more info’s see the rules section below this article….

There are several things we like to point out for this competition: Its not about quantity its about quality! Focus on few items and concentrate on those…
Second of all, YOU (as in the community) are in charge of the outcome of this “competition”. So please be careful when voting and commenting on content. 5 out of 5 should only be given if you really believe that this person deserves the vote...

The competition will be open from 12th of August to 20th of September 3pm GMT. All content submitted will enter the competition. Please read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before you start posting. So here is a little summary of the rules:

1. You may post as much content as you want.
2. Content must be original. It does not matter if you posted the article/photos on your blog as well as long as you own the copyright to the content.
3. No spaming! Honestly!

If you have any questions about this competition please contact us on feedback{at} Enjoy, Ta!


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