The random,the unexpected,the every day and the mundane distorted into such beauty-I SHOOT THE COVER

The beautiful plastic beast of fluorescent colours of a child’s toy,that fits in no pocket, is spotted from afar and never taken seriously-has become essential item that I can't live without. Once thrown around ones neck, the day is but a blank canvas to the imagination of lomography. The randomness, the unexpected, the normal every day, the mundane all considered a worthy shot behind the plastic lens. I enjoy capturing movement in multi-exposures, and I enjoy the shots that you don’t remember taking. There is no pattern or system, just the simple child-like rush and haste to capture that picture before it fades away.
Oh how I love what you bring out in me Holga!

these photos were published in theblogpaper beta no4

Published on the 12th of March 2010, around 10.000 copies have been printed and distributed throughout London

This was my first ever Holga shot.And it was accidental,but my favourite accident that I shall never regret!A shot of roses,with a layer of clouds with contrast.I had to take more from that moment on!

'Street life.'
Such a busy street,with possibly to many multi-exposures!

'End of the line.'
Thorpe-le-Soken train station.Possibly the worlds most boring station in the world given a lomo,dreamy twist.

I don't remember where this was taken,or what it was.But it was another accident that the Holga was waiting to take!

This little fellow was just asking for a picture.
I couldn't miss that oppertunity!

'Be aware of run-aways!'
I thought this sign was pretty cute.


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wow :O

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Stunning Holga images!!!

These are nice shots,I used to have a Holga but I lost it!They inspire me to buy another!