Nu Music meets Nu Film

The music industry has long realised that physical distribution of CDs is not exactly paving a sucess-loaden path into the future… But what can music labels and distributors do to efficiently strutt their musical stuff?

The Vienna based tripwolf team had the ambitious idea to send a special viral film through the web along with a brand new iPhone app for travelers. In order to succeed, the start-up needed to find the right people to work with, who would understand the power of impact such a film could develop amidst the place where target groups of today hang out – the internet.

The travel guide tripwolf spoke to Erdem Tunakan, boss of Cheap Records and Patrick Pulsingers comerade in the time of Vienna’s musical electronic dub-haydays in the late nineties and Philipp Dorfmeister, musical visionary and founder of Ordis, a digital distribution service for young talented artists. Along, we took super-talented Photographer Daniel Gebhart (check out his webspace), who captured us on film.

tripwolf: Erdem, Philipp, how important is the internet today to successfully promote artists?

Philipp: It’s essential! When we started in 2004, there was already a high demand for digital distribution of music and a lot of artists developped their fan base through platforms like myspace.

Erdem: We have used it for many years now, to communicate and essentially, to participate in the media world. Music is consumed very differently now then it was 10 years ago – even if I am still a big fan of vinyl we cannot refuse to acknowledge the impact, the internet has made for all of us in the industry.

tripwolf: So how do you communicate new acts and gigs about your artists?

Erdem: Well, next to our network and pr, we use myspace as webspaces and to showcase tracks and news, facebook for events and twitter to spread any info in real time. That is very exciting as it creates a closer relationship between the artists/labels and the fanbase.

Philipp: These tools create a dialogue, we can see trends and tendencies and approach people, who share the same interests.

Erdem: What we realise tho is that the real-time aspect creates a much faster pace and you need to be present in order to keep those in-the-know interested. That’s the challenge in a fast changing world.

tripwolf: That sounds exciting! What kind of goals do you want to reach by promoting artists online?

Erdem: Well, the biggest goal is to land a gig with a big advertising agency or even the film industry. That’s where the money is now. We are happy to cooperate with people like you guys because the idea is to spread music through channels that correlate with it.

Philipp: By using the internet, we can monitor the audience really well. You can follow how many people download an album on itunes or how many people watch a video clip on youtube and even where those people come from.

Erdem: That shows us where the fans are and what they like and we can react to those insights in our communication and eventually in our organisation of gigs. It is essential for a pop band these days to perfom live. You should follow me on twitter to find out first what's going on with Cheap Artists!

All images © Copyright 2009 by Daniel Gebhart.


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